Call Center Jobs: Things To Know Part 1

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Having a call center job seems to be fun, enjoyable and provides a steady income for most people. But there is also the other side of call center jobs that you would like to know before you apply. Working in the call center industry is not all fun and games; it is actually very hard work and will ask a lot from you.

While the initial salary, salary increase, benefits and bonuses are all very attractive, you may want to consider a few things first before you apply in a call center company. You’d want to make sure that you know that you are getting into especially if you got accepted. Here are the things you need to know before applying for a call center job:

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How to Get a Practice Buddy to Answer Top Call Center Interview Questions

Note: This is a sticky post to help you or your friends land a call center job. Feel free to check below for my other posts in this call center blog.

Do you really want to get that call center job? Well, aside from presenting yourself well  in the scheduled interview, you must also answer the top call center interview questions. Don’t you agree?

Now, after checking that blog post, your next step is to have a practice buddy to help you be more confident in answering these call center interview questions. But what should you look for in a job interview practice buddy?

Your practice buddy should be willing to:

  • Do the role
  • Spend time to be in your practice sessions
  • Objective enough to suspend judgment
  • Provide tips on how you can improve the way you answer these interview questions
  • Encourage you to keep trying until you are confident enough to show up in an interview scenario

Now, do you already have a practice buddy? Who can be one?

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Providing Quality Call Center Customer Service Starts With Training

Providing excellent call center customer service is something that you should do if you want your brand to reign supreme and manage your brand’s reputation. That is why it is crucial for a business to entrust this part of their operations to someone who can be at par with their quality standards when it comes to protecting their brand and taking care of their customers.

But before you get to that level, you have to start at the training phase. I can say this because I have been a trainer for a number of call centers and I witnessed the importance of customer service training as the foundation of those who want to work in customer service environment such as business process outsourcing and call center. That also explains the number of companies offering effective customer service and call center training today. And so I came across Impact Learning Systems, a site that offers these services to call center hopefuls and I liked what I saw.

They are offering a complete set of training starting from training needs assessment, actual training sessions and evaluation to track the progress of each trainee. Aside from that, there are also links to helpful resources and testimonials that serve as proof of their commitment in providing quality training to their clients. I believe that these things are a must should you want to get the best people to hone the skills of your future employees and be the best frontliner for your business soon.


Switching Careers From Health Care To Call Center

A lot of people working in the health industry here in the country hopes to make it big abroad that is why they do their best to pass the needed requirements, complete their certifications and do whatever it takes to earn more money.

But there are also cases when they just opt to stay in the country just like what I read on this article. They switched careers that can help them earn more without having to leave the country.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I believe that to each is own when it comes to making career choices.  It really depends on one’s needs and priorities. I am glad that the business process outsourcing industry is understanding enough in hiring these individuals as long as they have the skills and attitude appropriate to do customer service related tasks in their company.

Protecting Your Online Identity With Personal Branding

Getting that first impression right the first time is just as important as keeping a good reputation that will bring your name to greater success. This is where personal branding comes into the picture.

Just like what I saw on Online Reputation website. They help people work on their personal branding and online identity, something that  you need to do especially if you want to seek greener pastures in online and corporate world. They provide online services that save great deal of time and resources to keep your name and online identity crystal clear, should people decide to look up for your name online.

I believe that you will also need this to keep your identity online, especially if you have a common name and you want people to know that your achievements and corporate triumphs are yours alone. You do not want others who share your name to just grab the achievements that you worked hard for years isn’t it?

You might think that you will only need this if you are looking to be hired for supervisory, managerial and executive positions, but I tell you, you will definitely need this even if you are looking to be placed in rank and file positions. Nowadays, more and more companies are doing online searches as part of their background check tasks before hiring their employees. So if you need help on this area, then why not think about it and contact them for initial consultation? You can then assess how much assistance you need to make personal branding work to your business and career advantage.



3 Things a Fresh Graduate Resume Should Have

So you are a newly-grad and you are now writing a resume to apply for a call center job or any job that you are interested in. Should you put all the info you can come up with? Not necessarily otherwise your resume would be more than 2 pages long. Ideally, and this is just my opinion, a resume from someone who has no prior work experience should not exceed more than a page. Two pages is the maximum, but only if you have a lot of awards and recognitions that are worth putting on that paper.

Mention Your Accomplishments

This can be as a student or with regards to any activities you actively participated in. It can be in sports, in civic activities, or contests you have won. Emphasizing your awards and recognitions is important especially if you have yet to work on a real job.

Contact Details From Your Referrals

You should have references preferably from people with good standing in the community. You can start with your college professors or club advisers. You may also approach the friends of your parents, as long as they are already accomplished in their own fields.

Include Your Latest Photo I.D.

It can be a 1×1 or 2×2 size I.D. picture, but what is important is you should look as professional and as respectable as possible in that picture. Dress well. If you can wear a coat and a tie then do so. A formal, or at least semi-formal office attire will do. And try to get a professional photographer to take the photo. Sometimes getting the job you want is all about having the right image.

How To Be A Successful Person In The Competitive World Today

The competitive workforce is pushing people to gain competitive advantage over the other. The ways on how to be a successful person before varies from today. If you are concerned with career success, you must hold a degree and if you can, earn higher-level degrees.

The more education you have, the more career opportunities will come your way. Of course, to achieve success in your career, you have to work very hard too. Dedication and commitment to your profession are two qualities you should have.

Call Center Services For Improved Customer Satisfaction

A lot of businesses strive to provide quality customer service to their clients, but it only takes professional call center services provider to help a company do this today.

Just like what I saw on Alert Communications, a company that offers a good mix of call management solutions for businesses. I really like what I read especially the fact that they can adjust to the clients’ type of business, something that is what most companies are looking for. This will give them an idea that they are flexible in providing call center services to their clients.

They even support Spanish speaking customers, as they also offer a service that caters to the Spanish speaking customers of international businesses. With that type of service, businesses can offer both English and Spanish support to reach out to more customers, that will equate to higher sales and revenues to the company.

I mostly value information on a website especially if I get all that I need in one go, and Alert Communications did great in doing this for their online visitors. Just click and you can read their answers to some frequently asked questions to help you decide on which type of service to take advantage. Now that saves time as well for businesses who want to take their call center services t0 the next level.

Call Center Jobs – Special Hiring Event Telus Taguig October 22 Only

If there is one thing true about call center jobs, is that hiring happens all year round. That is why there is always an opportunity for you to land a job in a call center if you want to work in this highly competitive yet rewarding environment.

Just like what I have found out today. Telus Taguig is going to run a special hiring event today and you should check out this opportunity if you are really interested to apply for a call center job.


  • CSR and TSR for eBook Account: You are responsible in receiving inbound calls and assist customers with their concerns of the tablet, Nook. 
  • CSR for Wireless Telephone Account: You are responsible in handling all inbound queries and advocate resolutions to issues of wireless mobile phone subscribers, both prepaid and postpaid. 
  • TSR for DSL Connection Account: Your primary role is to analyze product and service requirements and develop positive solutions that are mutually beneficial for the customer and the company. 
  • TSR for Residential Phone Account: Your primary role is to handle all inbound queries and advocate resolutions to issues of wireless mobile phone subscribers, both prepaid and postpaid.

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Nurses Working In Call Centers: Matter Of Choice

There are a lot of stories why someone would want to work in a call center. Most of the time, it is all about putting food on the table. There are also other times when someone just wants to make sense of his existing knowledge and get a job in a call center, trading his nurses uniforms for the meantime in exchange of headsets and start taking calls.

On the other hand, there are also other registered nurses that are currently working in a call center that are wishing to go back to their real profession. I believe that working in a call center is just a matter of choice. You can choose to try this type of work for as long as you like. Otherwise, if you still want to go back to your old profession, You can easily lay your headset on your workstation and begin pursuing that nursing job again.

Helping Call Center Agents Relax By Engaging In Sports On Weekends

Do you know someone who works in a call center during weekdays and spend racing using his motorbike on weekends? I believe that getting yourself in extreme sports help you to relax a bit, as you let all the work-related stress down and just focus on your sports activity.

Just like wearing the usual helmet to protect your head against injuries, you also need to wear motorbike goggles to protect your eyes during the motorbike race. This goes the same for other sports where you will need to protect yourself from harm during the course of your sports-related activities. Now that’s a bit of a rest for someone who usually wears headset for hours isn’t it?

Call Center Agent – Service With A Smile

Working in a call center is just like working for any other industry. You always have to be ready to serve with a smile. This friendly tone brings out all the good things in the call.

From the moment you delivered your opening spiel until you say your closing statement, the customers will rate you based on how you relate with them, more than the information that they got from you. So even if you delivered bad news during the call, they will still thank you for telling them the truth in a polite manner.

Is this something that you can do once you start to work in a call center?